Dental Hygiene Tips For Travel

1. Make an appointment for a dental exam before you leave.

It is not a good idea to arrive at your destination and find out that you need emergency treatment. Before you leave for your trip, visit your dentist. You should allow enough time for a follow up appointment in the event of trouble.

2. Keep it clean

You’ll likely just put your toothbrush in your toiletries bag when you pack. But how clean is that bag inside? Make sure to disinfect your toiletries bag before you pack. While on holiday or on business, bacteria breeding on your toothbrush is not the best way to maintain your oral health or overall health .

3. Let it dry

You should not place your brush in a closed area where it can get wet. The moisture will feed bacteria. Your toothbrush should be allowed to dry before you place it in a case or toothbrush holder. It may not be possible to do this, so you should make it a habit of unpacking your toothbrush and cleaning it before you leave.

4. You might consider using a disposable toothbrush instead

You can avoid the hassle of cleaning your toothbrush when you have a packed schedule. Although they may not be as effective as your regular toothbrush, you won’t have to worry that your toothbrush will become a breeding ground for microbes during travel.

5. Have You Forgotten the Toothpaste

Although it’s simple to buy toothpaste at a convenience store in most cases, it’s not a good idea to stop brushing if you’re faced with an emergency situation. You can clean your teeth with plain water. While toothpaste is a great help, it’s better to brush your teeth without it than skip brushing.

6. Find out if the water is safe to drink

You may be used to drinking tap water. Check the quality of water first and if it not clean, don’t clean your toothbrush with it.

7. Remember to take care of your teeth

You’re more likely to eat foods that you don’t normally eat when you go on holiday. You’ll also be excited to sample local sweets and desserts if you travel overseas. Enjoy your culinary adventure, but remember to take care of your teeth! To keep bacteria at bay, limit your intake to just one or two sweet treats per day. After that, eat sugar-free gum.

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