Composite Veneer Treatment

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What is cosmetic tooth bonding or composite Veneer?

It can be done with little or no use of anesthetic or drilling, so the procedure can be completed on the front teeth during a single session. This is a convenient and inexpensive option to refine and enhance the appearance of your smile.

Who is the best candidate for cosmetic tooth bonding?

Composite  Veneers are especially the best option if you are looking for a makeover before an important event such as your wedding. The ideal candidate for dental bonding is anyone who is not satisfied with their smile due to the appearance of their teeth. This does not relate to individuals experiencing trauma or decay. Instead, it involves individuals with minimal teeth issues such as a chipped tooth, a significant space, a minimal crack in the enamel, or teeth discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

-What is the durability of dental bonding on the front teeth?

Dental bonding on the front teeth can last for about five to eight years, depending on your diet, lifestyle, your bite, and the treated tooth’s position. We recommended avoiding hard foods that can impact the bond.

Does tooth whitening make dental bonding whiter?

Tooth whitening does not work on dental composites.  If you intend to retain a bright smile, it is critical to keep in mind that over time, there will be a stain on the resin material used for the dental bonding, but whitening procedures have no impact on them.


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