Wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that removes one or more wisdom teeth. These permanent adult teeth are located in the back corners of the mouth at the top and bottom.

You may need to have your wisdom tooth pulled if it doesn’t have enough room (impacted wisdom teeth). This can lead to pain, infection, or other dental problems. A dentist or an oral surgeon can perform wisdom tooth extraction.

Some dentists and surgeons recommend wisdom teeth extraction to prevent future problems.


Why it is done?

The third molars (or wisdom teeth) are the final permanent teeth that erupt in the mouth. These teeth typically appear between the ages 17 and 25. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can erupt as normal for some people, just like their other molars. They cause no problems.

Many people have impacted wisdom teeth. These are teeth that have not enough space to erupt into their mouths or develop normally. Sometimes, impacted wisdom teeth may not erupt at all or only partially.

A wisdom tooth that is impacted may be:

Move at an angle towards the second molar (second tooth).

Move towards the back of your mouth.

As if the wisdom teeth are “lying down” within your jawbone, grow at an angle.

You can grow straight up and down just like the rest of your teeth, but you will still be trapped in the jawbone.


Wisdom teeth that are impacted:


If your wisdom tooth is impacted, you will likely need it pulled.


Food and debris should be left behind the wisdom teeth to capture

Periodontal disease or infection (gum disease)

Tooth decay in partially erupted wisdom teeth

A nearby tooth or bone may be damaged

The formation of a fluid-filled sac around the wisdom tooth (cyst).

Other complications that can arise from orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth


Preventing future dental problems

Experts disagree on whether it is worth removing wisdom teeth that aren’t causing problems (asymptomatic).

Future problems with wisdom teeth that are impacted can be difficult to predict. Here’s why preventive extraction is a good idea:

Wisdom teeth that are not symptom-free could still be harboring disease.

It’s difficult to clean a tooth properly if there’s not enough space to allow it to erupt.

Younger adults are less likely to experience serious complications from wisdom teeth.

Senior adults might have difficulty with surgery or complications.

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